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 Upgrading ( Force Core High)

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PostSubject: Upgrading ( Force Core High)   Fri Oct 09, 2009 1:44 am

Step 1 (Where can i upgrade my item?):

First of all we need to find a core alchemist.
U can find one in BI, DS, GD, PL (one in every town, only the FR Core Alchemist has not the option)

Step 2:

Now u click on the sentence which i have marked

Step 3 (What do i need to upgrade a item?):

Now the upgrade window will appear.

There are 3 important columns:

- The item you are upgrading
- Force cores
- Catalyst

Step 3.1 (The item you are upgrading):

U can only upgrade items with a slot (the item need a minimum of one slot).

This is a slotted item for example:

Step 3.1 (Force Cores)

U can't upgrade an item without a Force Core.

There are 3 kinds:

Force Low (Is for Aramid/Shadowsteel and lower items)
Force Medium (Is for Titanium and lower items)
Force High (Is for Red Osmium and lower items)
Force Highest (Is for Mithril and lower items)

- For a lvl 1 upgrade only one Force Core is needed.
- For a lvl 2 u need to put 2 Force Cores in the Core slot (Note: A lvl 2 upgrade is completely random)
- U can also put in Upgrade Cores which give u a high success chance, but it's to increase the overall success chance.

3.3 (Catalyst)

A catalyst is another slotted item, it gives u the bonus which you wanna add.
A upgraded Catalyst (means it has a +) increase the success chance (+3%).

Here is a list about what Catalyst adds what bonus:

Enhancement Failure Penalties:

+0 to +1 - Fail = nothing happens
+1 to +2 - Fail = nothing happens
+2 to +3 - Fail = nothing happens
+3 to +4 - Fail = nothing happens
+4 to +5 - Fail = -1 to +3
+5 to +6 - Fail = -1 to +4
+6 to +7 - Fail = -6 to +0
by CabalWiki

Some Notes:

- The catalyst used must either be one grade less/equal or many grades higher than the equipment you're upgrading (for example for Titaniumy as a catalyst the lowest grade usable is Bluestien. Anything Titanium or higher is usable)

- If you fail an upgrade, only the catalyst and force core (or upgrade cores) used will be gone. The equip you're upgrading still remains.

- The best lvl 1 Upgrades are hp and critic dmg! (you can only add hp on suits and boots and critic on helms and weopens)

- Gloves are realy special because u can add nothing realy good, many choose Attack+2 or def+2 but u should try a lvl 2 upgrade on gloves (maybe 2% Hp steal or max critic rate 2%)

- "Sword/Magic Amp", "Skill exp +4" or "2 Slot item drop times" in a slot are drops from mobs/Chests ONLY (means all mobs have a certain chance for such a drop(a low chance ofc))

- First chance to get a succes is 75% (if you have a double slotted item the second slot will have a 50% chance)


Flyby and Dihania (Enchant List)
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Upgrading ( Force Core High)

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