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 How you stay safe and avoid hacking?

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PostSubject: How you stay safe and avoid hacking?   Fri Oct 09, 2009 1:55 am

Greetings to all Cabal Online players ^^

This guide is made to inform players and prevent them from being hacked.

First, basic rules how to avoid key loggers.

For every online game you play use different password. Best password is that you can’t remember ^^ yes, yes, can’t remember. My password is a chaotic numbers and letters with caps, that I noted and after a week I remembered it. Example: 1k04JoHjs4.
You should never click on any links (including in official game forums) that seem suspicious. Better yet, don’t click on anything that hasn’t been verified as safe.
Never, EVER, visit any websites stated in-game. It was confirmed that ALL gold selling and plvling sites keylogs your pc. Even if you trust your internet security program, they can put tracking cookie and then keylogg you.
ALL boting and cheating programs contains keyloggers (anyway cheaters deserved to be hacked >_>).
Do not accept any files from strangers on MSM or Xfire.
Do not use your login name in forums. Use IGN or the best, fake account.
Do not share your real e-mail.
Never share your account info. Even with GM’s. Game Masters can see all your account info just by 1 mouse click.

If you visited any of gold selling – plvling sites. Don’t think that you will be hacked same day. Usual, they hacks accounts moth after keyloging your info.

Anyway, if you logged in and found your character naked with cleared bank, follow this steps:

1. Log off from the game, to prevent more game logs.
2. Register on support system http://support.cabalonline.com/. Then go to: Submit a Ticket -> Account Support, press next and fill all fields with as much detailed information as possible. Same you can do by sending an email to support@cabalonline.com with as much detailed information. This information must contain your login name, in game character name, all alz and stuff that you lost, time and date when it happened or when you last time logged in.
Most online games haw chat logs, trade and login logs with IP’s and IGN’s, and there is a chance that you will get your stuff back.
Launch game, but not login.
3. Launch one of anti spy programs. There are free programs that help you against spy ware (s) are the following:

Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition
Spybot Search and Destroy
AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition
SpyWare Doctor
PC Tools Antivirus
Zone Alarm
Windows Defender
anty-Keylogger (40 days free trial)

Online scanners (free trials):

Panda ActiveScan
Zonelab Scanner

Of course, there are multiples of other free programs, but these are the primary ones.
5. Wait until your case will be investigated and you will get an answer.

However, let’s assume that anti spy programs not found anything suspicious, but after some time you get hacked one more time (this happened to me T_T). What should you do if you are not teh OS specialist? Do a system restore or destructive system restore. A system restore is program that’s located within any Windows XP computer. It has the ability to restore your computer to previous points, such as 1 day, 1 week, or even to restore the entire computer as if it were new. However, be certain when you do use system restore, you do not revert back to a previous day where there were also spy ware on your computer, because it may or may not trigger the spy ware to come up again.
Destructive system restore formats your hard drive and restores Windows.

In order to access your system restore:
Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore.
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How you stay safe and avoid hacking?

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