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Best class in Cabal
 41% [ 9 ]
 5% [ 1 ]
Force Archer
 9% [ 2 ]
Force blader
 27% [ 6 ]
Force Shielder
 14% [ 3 ]
 5% [ 1 ]
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 Jupiter Game Advisors

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PostSubject: Jupiter Game Advisors   Fri Oct 09, 2009 1:57 am

Hi, all and welcome to the Jupiter GA thread, you should be able to find everything about GAs on Jupiter here (what is GA?, list of current GAs, how to become a GA)

At the moment I am the Game Advisor Leader (GAL) for Jupiter. I will quote [GM]Arwen so you know what a GAL does.
The new role will include choosing players for their teams to be GA's, monitoring their team members for time in game and their ability in helping other players. They will also deal with all in game issues and problems with my help if required.
What is a Game Advisor?

* The Game Advisors are here to monitor the game and forums threads and posts for suitability and provide help to new players so they can get into the game right from when they start playing and find their way around the game more easily.
* GAs are not GMs they cant help with account or payment related questions (use the support system for those).
* GAs are not Tech Advisors, if you have a technical problem sometimes GAs may help but its best to use the Tech support section.

What do i get if i become a Game Advisor?

* (GA) tag before your name in game
* Game Advisor tag on forums
* Game Advisor sign in game (if you want it)
* Access to GA only section on forums.
* And thats all you will still be a player you wont get any items or tools.

What am i supposed to do when i become a Game Advisor?
Well if you are asking this question you probably won't become one(in the near future), but:

* You need to help players by answering their questions about the game(even if that means stopping whatever you are doing atm to go show them a quest location).
* You need to keep the GMs informed of the situation in game.
* You need to participate in GA activities.
* Currently most GMs have their forum PMs disabled so all queries need to be passed thru the GAs. (If they are not confidential - then players should use the support system).

List of Current GAs:


Forum Name: IGN Name: Main Language: Class:
Kyosha (GAL)Kyosha German Archer
Cylen (GAA)Cylen English Blader
DD Dragonfire (GA)Orahara German Wizard
VandraGor (GA)Paradox Polish Warrior
Vycoll (GA)Vycoll Dutch Wizard
RaptoR (GA)RaptoR Turkish ForceBlader
PietroHD (GA)Pietro Hungarian Warrior
LadyCrow (GA)LadyCrow English Warrior
riuryk (GA)Ryu Spanish ForceBlader
Vaako (GA)Vaako Dutch ForceBlader
Monstermutch (GA)kao French ForceBlader
Seventy (GA)Seventy Turkish Shielder
Turbo (GA)Thursday Romanian Wizard
ShaoZhan (GA)ShaoXuan Greek Wizard

If you have a problem with one of the GAs, please pm me and explain what went wrong. If you want to report a GA for bad behaviour pm me with screen-shots here on the forum.

Thank you.
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Jupiter Game Advisors

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