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Force Archer
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 Blade [Guide]

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PostSubject: Blade [Guide]   Fri Oct 09, 2009 5:24 am

Let’s see first the Stats and their distribution for Blader in particular:

Blader | Str | Int | Dex | HP | MP |

Base Stats | 16 | 3 | 16 | 50 | 20 |
Atk |0.25 | -- |0.25 | -- | -- |
Magic | 0.1 | 0.3 | 0.1 | -- | -- |
Def |0.167| -- |0.167| -- | -- |
Hit Rate | 2 | 0.4 | 2 | -- | -- |
Def Rate | 1.2 | 0.1 | 1.2 | -- | -- |

To give you an insight of what this chart symbolizes. Basically this is what you get by adding one point to a particular stat. Not much imagination needed here as they are three- STR, INT and DEX. As you can see for Blader it doesn’t matter how you distribute points between STR and DEX so all you have to take into consideration while choosing what to upgrade is gear dependant. INT is useless for Blader as it raises magic and it should be kept minimal.

Here is what the different attributes stand for:

“Defense decreases dmg taken from monsters
Defense rate increases chance on dodging attacks (miss)
Attack increases your dmg towards enemy
Attack rate increases chance to hit (less miss)

Though defrate isen't so important at early stage, it will become important at higher lvls.
Attack rate is totally useless since your practicly combo all the time, unless your lazy.”

(quoting Alwin in this thread http://forum.cabalonline.com/showthread.php?t=936)

So now you should know which stats to raise.

Now moving to a very tricky subject- What skills should I take?

Here is a chart what you get upon raising different ranks:

----------------- | -----------Sword Skills------------ | -----------Magic Skills-------------|
Novice -------- |------------No bonuses------------- |-----------No bonuses--------------|
Apprentice ---- |-Str+4/Dex+4/HP+20/MP+10---- |-Int+4/Dex+4/MP+20/HP+10---- |
Regular --------|-Str+6/Dex+6/HP+30/MP+15---- |-Int+6/Dex+6/MP+30/HP+15---- |
Expert ---------|-Str+8/Dex+8/HP+40/MP+20-----|-Int+8/Dex+8/MP+40/HP+20-----|
A.Expert ------ |-Str+10/Dex+10/HP+50/MP+25--|-Int+10/Dex+10/MP+50/HP+25- |
Master ---------|-Str+12/Dex+12/HP+60/MP+30--|-Int+12/Dex+12/MP+60/HP+30- |
A.Master ------ |-Str+14/Dex+14/HP+70/MP+35--|-Int+14/Dex+14/MP+70/HP+35- |
G.Master ------ |-Str+14/Dex+14/HP+80/MP+40--|-Int+14/Dex+14/MP+80/HP+40- |
Transcender --lStr+14/Dex+14/HP+100/MP+50-|-Int+14/Dex+14/MP+100/HP+50-|

Blader sword skills before update:

Stab Slash/Novice


Double Slash/Apprentice

Triple Slash/Apprentice

Blade Force/Regular

Death Cross/Regular

Double Rising/Regular

Storm Grind/Expert


Hasing Dance/Expert

Iron Skin/Expert

Mirage Step/A.Expert

Blade Aura/A.Expert

Mirage Grind/A.Expert

Twin-moon Slash/Master

Aura Barrier/Master

Vital Interfere/Master

Blade Cry/A.Master

Blade Scud/G.Master

Skills after update: (images here: http://forum.cabalonline.com/showpos...32&postcount=3)

Lightning Slash- Completer

Instant Immunity- G.Master

Force Kick- Expert

Field of Fear- Transcender

Resist intension- Master

Soul Blade- G.Master

Art of Fierceness- Completer

Intense Blade- Transcender

Natural Hiding- A. Master

Intuition- Completer

Upgrade skills:

Vitality Mastery/Novice- Increase max HP

Mana Mastery/Novice - Increase max MP

Reflex/Apprentice- Increase defense rate

Sharp Eyes/Apprentice- Increase hit rate

Offensive Sense/Regular- Increase physical damage

Defensive Sense/Regular- Increase defense

Force Control/Regular Increase magical damage

Change Force (Sword to Magic)/Expert - Sword skill exp becomes magic skill exp

Change Force (Magic to Sword/Expert - Magic skill exp becomes sword skill exp

Impact Control/G.Master Greatly increase physical damage

Damage Absorb/G.Master Greatly increase defense

Eyes of Mind/G.Master Greatly increase hit rate

Sixth Sense/G.Master Greatly increase defense rate

Ruling Force/G.Master Greatly increase magical damage.

BM modes:

BM 1: Illusionist - Increases your abilities by even more than what aura mode can provide.

BM 2: Grappler/Blader - Transform your dual swords into dual astral claws. Abilities are enhanced beyond Battle Mode I.

Crushing Blow - A deadly skill that can 1 hit KO many monsters when a critical hit is dealt. If a critical hit is not achieved, intense damage is still dealt. Max damage with critical is around 6k, so it cannot 1 hit KO everything. Only usable when you are in BM 2.

Now you know the sword skills, you know the upgrades. This leads to the following question- which ones should I keep? Which ones should I get?

Some cool downs :

There are a bunch of theories and different skills players use. The “must have” though are pretty obvious:

Aura Barrier- Buff (HP and def increase)
Iron Skin- Buff (HP and def increase)
Vital Interfere- Stun
Mirage Step- Buff (Def rate increase)
Force kick- Stun
Soul Blade- Buff (Attack increase)
Lightning Slash- Attack skill
Blade Scud- Attack skill
All new skills are mandatory! You need to be competitive against other classes.

Now here some players differ in attack skills they choose. I myself use: Lightning Slash, Blade Scud, Blade Cry, Mirage Grind, Vital Interfere, Twin Moon Slash, Storm Grind.

Some other players use Double Rising and Assault. So it is up to you to choose.

Please find below some very good topics regarding attack skills and combo combinations. Combo’s differ in PVE and PVP. PVE combo’s are usually slower as overall damage matters most. PVP combo’s are dependent on speed => Damage per second.




Now what we didn’t discuss are the Upgrades you should take:

Here your choice depends on the following- PVP or PVE build

PVP Upgrades: Vitality Mastery, Defensive sense, Offensive sense, Damage absorb, Impact control and Sixth sense.

PVE Upgrades: Vitality Mastery, Reflex, Offensive sense, Sixth sense, Damage absorb, Impact control

If you add Reflex you gain more Defense rate and is more suitable for Martialset Bladers.

If you add Defensive sense you gain more Defense and is more suitable for Armorset Bladers.

Congratulations- you just picked the upgrades, your skills, you gathered some stat points. Now…let’s talk about gear.

Pro’s and con’s for Martial/ Armorset

This is a quite extensive topic but I will try to touch the basics. The main argument concerns

Mystic Martialset and Osmium Armorset

I will not talk about Mithril- still very rare and hard to obtain. No Mithril crafters on Mars, if Mercury people can add something to the subject I will appreciate it.

So Mystic Martialset:

- More defense rate than Osmium Armor
- More defense at +6 than Osmium Armor
- Harder and more expensive to get 2 slotted piece
- Not many crafters (on Mars ) to enhance your Mystic gear
- Rare lvl 2 upgrades in slot

Osmium Armorset:

- Plenty of 2 slotted Osmium Armor gear with great crafting bonuses and lvl 2 upgrades
- Decent defense at +6 and +7
- Poor defense rate

As you can see if you opt for more bonuses in the gear your choice will definitely be Osmium Armorset. Simple fact is there are plenty of 2 slotted items and crafters to make it even better- from HP increase, Amp and Crit rate/damage to Extra defense.

Katana or Blade:

It doesn’t matter really- as long as you have the stats. Basic rule: Blades require more STR, Katana’s- DEX. Again crafting bonuses determine the type of weapon you will choose. In my opinion Blades look cooler and add more to your attack (4-6 points additionally).

You can have sword amp, crit damage, crit rate bonuses in your weapons.

Stats for Blades and Katana’s on official web site:




You’ve chosen the set to go for, you have the skills...you have the stats, you have the weapons…what is left- jewelry.

Epaulette- Three types here: of Sage (useless for BL), of Guard and of Fighter.

My recommendation is to get both Guard and Fighter especially on higher lvls. Fighter increases attack and gives amp, Guard gives you defense and increases flee rate. So as you can see they both give different cool bonuses- one for the PVP set, other- for PVE.

Stats increase in official web site:


Earrings- Well for Blader you can get Vampiric or Guard.. Vampiric is best if you opt for a PVE Mystic set with HP steal as bonuses for +3 or +4 are pretty cool.
Guard is a good choice if you opt for more defense and flee rate. Force regeneration- crap in my opinion.

Stats increase in official web site:


Bracelet- Fighter or Extortion. Fighter- PVP and PVE usable because of attack and amp bonus, as well as nice minimum damage boost. Extortion – PVE ideal to combine with leaching gear.

Stats increase in official web site:


Amulets- Here the choice depends on type of gear you wear to enhance either PVP or PVE set. Four choices- of Guard, Vamipic, of Battler, of Pain. Battler, Vampiric and Pain are craft only, Guard drops until +7.

Look at stats and choose for yourself:


Vampiric and Guard are orientated mostly for PVE gear, while Battler and Pain can be worn with both set types.

Rings- Not much choices here- Ring of Luck +2 for 15% crit rate, or Ring of Fighter for complexity of stats increase- you get defense, attack and crit. Extortion for leaching gear although if you get the bonuses from other crafted parts they are useless.

As a final add-on to this guide some cool videos in youtube with Bladers:

Volcanic Citadel:




Ruina Station:


Patren, Patren quest:


Lake in Dusk:


Tower of the dead – B1F:




Forgotten Temple:


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Blade [Guide]

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