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PostSubject: GUILD RULES   Tue Oct 06, 2009 4:07 pm


2. PK Rule

2.1Never PK first, only fight back if you get PKed.

2.2Never KS or PK on bosses if someone else was there first, for example if you search for berberk and someone already there dont attack just change channel, if you were first at berberk you got right to pk others if they start attacking cos you found boss first, also alweys wait for players that come to attack boss first then pk dont pk those that just stand beside and watch, also if you can tell to those that come after you not to attack boss cos you were first, and warn them that you will pk if they attack. PK first only guilds that pk at berberk alweys, PK them even if they are first.
Guilds that alweys pk at berberk and other bosses: Oblivion, POLISHARMY, Step

2.3Never steal big spot if someone is already there, for example if you go to mf big spot and some party already there just change channel dont ks or pk them cos they were at spot first, if you were at spot first in guild party and other players come and start to ks, ask them nicely to leave cos you were first at spot, explain to them that more then 2 or 3 players at that spot is not good both for exp and drops, if they still dont want to change channel ask them one more time to leave nicely then give them a worning that you will pk if they dont leave, if they still dont leave you got right to pk them. If you get pked at big spot when you were first there write in guild and we will come to help.

3.If you leave guild for no reson or to join some other guild you can not return to guild ever again, you can get second chance only if reson for leaving is well justified.

4.Dont insult or harm other guild member in any way.

5. Don't spam in guild chat or use bad words, dont argue with guild m8 in guild chat if you have problems with someone take it in personal chat or notify guild master about the problem.

6. Don't use bots or you will be kicked out from guild and reported for permanent ban.

7. Don't trade or sell accounts inside or outside of guild or you will be kicked out of guild and reported for permanent ban.

8. Crafter's & Members circle - All crafting inside guild is free, what ever you need guild crafters will make it for free, all crafting materials that you find give to guild crafter's for free so that they can upgrade their crafting lvl, so that leter on they can craft even better equipment for you.

9. Don't steal drops inside dungeons from other guild members, let every party member open chest by making a list of who opens when and in what order, if the drop is common it remains to the player that found it, if drop is rare item and very expensive next rules apply. First if someone needs it from party to use it as equipment, give it to him/her for free, second if more players from party needs it they lot for it and the one that get higher number gets the item, third if no one needs that item, sell it and share money equally. Player that gets the item needs to give his old equipment he used before the item he got to sell and share money or to give to player that got next highest number to use it as equipment if he/she needs it. Remember what party members got good items and next time they are in party and something rare drops they dont have right to lot if someone else needs it, when all get good drop start from begining and lot for each item again.

10. Forgotten Temple B2F drop sharing:

10.1. Every rare item that drop can get a player from party that needs it to use it as equipment, if more players from party need it, they lot for it, if no one needs item it goes for sale and money stays in guild bank from which we buy more cards and more buff potions for more forgotten temple b2f runs.

10.2. Every member that gets rare item doesn't have right to lot next time for the same, only if the item is higher grade then his, only then he can lot again for it, if he wins then he gives the lower grade item he won before to the player who got next highest number on lot after him until all get atleast 1 rare item. For example box drops, if bos+6 drops and one player from party gets it for example player1, next time if bos+6 drop he dont have right to lot for it, if bos+7 drops then player1 can lot for it with other party members, but if he wins he has to give his bos+6 to the player who got next highest number in lot, until all players from party get atleast 1 box+5,6,7 drop.

10.3. Players that did more ft2 runs have priority on items if for example some player didnt get any drop and did 20 ft2 runs and he is in party with player that did 2 runs, player with 2 runs has no right to lot for item, the item goes to the player that did more ft2 runs, this continues until all older party members get atleast 1 rare drop.

10.4. Rare drops are separated in 2 different groups. Groups are sorted under armour and jewlery. 2 seperate groups, and each player can lot in both groups. box example applys for all jewlery but for armour its next rule: armour is divided by 2 groups also, perfect crafts and mithril, player can lot for both but if he got for example mithril boots on previous lot and wants to lot for teragrace boots with 140hp and 2 empty slots, he will have to give away his mithril boots if he wins to the other player who got biger number or keep the mithril and not lot for teragrace boots.

10.5. Your alowed to sell item you got from ft2 but can not lot for same item anymore if it drops in ft2, for example you have 2 x bos+6 and you sell one or trade it for another item you can not lot for another bos+6 in ft2, only way to get bos+6 after doing this is to buy it yourself in auction house or from some player, also when you have 1 bos+6 left and other sold you still got right to lot for bos+7 but if you win you must give bos+6 that you have to other players, so when you sell 1 bos you can only lot for 1 and never have 2 x bos again until you buy same one that you sold, then you get right to lot for it again.

11. Dont advertise private servers, dont write in guild chat about private servers.
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