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 Wizard guide

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PostSubject: Wizard guide   Sat Oct 10, 2009 12:07 am

Tell you 1 thing.

I do not know anything about Wizard. I only play a blader & a FS so far. All i know about them are they runs a lot (blink, dash & fade), I love their sp & crit party buffs.

But I see a lot ppl has question about Wizard's build, skills & gears, so I did a little research on Wizard.

1st, wizards are not weak. weak @ low lvl but they get stronger @ high lvl. Their Crits hurts!

Let's start from the beginning. What is Wizard?

Wizard // Hometown: Desert Scream
The wizard is your AoE, spellcasting, ranged class. Wizards wield dual orbs as power sources for their magic and wear the martial set for higher avoid, but lack defense as compensation. Wizards are excellent fighters due to their long range AoE attacks that still deal high amounts of damage. Wizards also have the ability to freeze monsters from a range so that they cannot even reach you, making your lack of defense not even a factor to worry about. Since wizards are a 1 stat class like warriors and mainly use just magic skills, wizards are a class suitable for beginners as well.

+ Best long range AoE
+ Capable of freezing opponents from far away, preventing you from harm
+ Decent avoid rate
+ Powerful in PvP due to freezing and range

- Low defense

This is wizard's growth chart ...

Magic skills:

Get Magic Arrow, Burning Hand and Freeze to lv9. This is to allow faster skill training as what affects skill level is how frequent u cast your skills. You may choose other novice skills(arrows) but i personally prefer Burning Hand and Freeze because they have very low cooldown at lv9(burning hand 1.1s, freeze 1s) and very easy to combo. Reason for leaving these skills at lv9 = lowest cooldown time. Also, get Regeneration and that's it for Novice.

Reaching apprentice allows you to learn the blasts. Don't bother. This is because you will delete them anyway. However, get Dig Bomb to lv9 because it's limit 2(AOE) and knocks down the enemy. Good for saving your arse when you get whooped by many mobs. For other apprentice skills like Icicle Shower, don't even look at them.

Now the regular rank. What skills can you learn lemme see.. Oh the lances. Just learn 2 of the lances, Terra Lance and Fire Lance. They have higher DPS compared to the other lances at lv20. Don't even bother touching Hydro Disk or Wind Cutter. However, if you got the alz and want to train faster, you may get it. And i was jw if Weaken is under regular. If it is, learn and max it. You'll surely need this one.

This is when your cannons come. But firstly, get Hardness and max it asap. Lightning Strike is useless as it's too slow to be of any use. Acid Trap is good at lower levels, but start to get useless at the higher levels. It's too low damage at higher levels and for it to be useful, you have to level acid trap to 20 for the max poison effect. And it'll cost you a bomb to delete it. So, simply, don't learn it. Get Stone Cannon, Fire Cannon, Lightning Cannon, maybe Aqua Cannon as well. Stone, fire and aqua are usually used for PVP while lightning is more for PVE til your gm comes.

Only 4 skills: Vacuum, Chain Explosion, Energy Field and Sharpness. and what's the point of sharpness? for a wizard to punch? so don't bother unless you wanna buff your mates and the points to spare. If you got the alz and want to train fast, learn all the other 3 as these skills are good at the low levels. Energy Field is a MUST HAVE because it has a nice cast time and stuns. However, i do not recommend Vacuum cos it's too slow, in fact **** slow. I deleted it after killing a wriggleleaf. Also, for CE, it's good for certain unstunnable bosses(those bosses in the patren quest) and just get it to 9 in my opinion.

Get Blink and Force Increase at master. Blink is awesome when you cast it with Dash. Hailstorm is good for PVE purposes and i got it to lv20 and PVE became easier. nice damage, reasonable cooldown and knock downs the enemy. Get the resist knockback buff later in the game cos for now, we can't stack 2 spirit buffs and so the force increase buff will be cancelled if you cast the resist buff.

Get Arctic Field. It's one of our ultimate PVE skills and works great. And for High Regeneration get it if you got the alz. Good for PVP as max high regen gives 70hp per 2 seconds, quite a huge lot of hp regenerated. However, please note that high regen has a dumb duration of 60s (after lv80 rank up quest) and a GREAT cooldown of 180s. oh well.

of course our ultimate skill of all. EXTREME DUAL CANNON. GET IT TO AT LEAST LV9 ASAP! With a stun rate of 75% for 5 seconds, nice damage and limit 3, it makes a great PVE & PVP skill. also learn spirit intension, our very first party exclusive skill. more of a pvp based buff skill, but just get it since we will have enough points for everything. once we're in a party, all our party skills can be casted regardless of the presence of any nearby party mates.

With completer incoming, Space Collapse is out. seriously lol@SC.
Reason: although it's limit 4, it isn't like AF, and hits the monsters all around you. AF is limit 4 around us, but SC is limit 4 around the monster. in simple words, SC may not always hit the monsters behind you if the monster you casted yr SC on is in front of you.
the only great thing about SC is the 80% stun..<3 other than that, it sarks.
Anyway, it still makes a good PVE skill. at least level 12 i would say. if you're sooo into PVP then get it to level 20 after transcender is out. since comp lv20 will be deadly as a finisher in PVP.
btw also get Mass Restore.

This one's pretty obvious. max both Raise Spirit and Art of Force Control.

Dash lvl9
Fade Step lvl9
Impact Stap lvl 9 (for dummy)

Magic skills:

Vacuum lvl20
Blink lvl9 use this with Fade step, and you can kill any one in a Duel
Hardness lvl20
Regeneration lvl4
Crystel Cannon lvl15
Lightning Cannon lvl20
High Regeneration lvl20 use Before or at the start of a duel, it well save you life
Chain Explosion lvl20
Weaken lvl20 its ok to use in a duel, but mostly its useless
Hail Storm lvl20
Resist Intension lvl20 useless till you get to lvl140 and can stack with Force Increase.
Force increase lvl20 always have this on
Acid Trap lvl20
Lightning Lance lvl18
Freezing Lance lvl18
Fire Lance lvl18
Sharpness lvl20 only really use it cuz it looks cool
Art Of Force Control lvl20 helps alot in duels, if your going to be combo'ing
Raise Spirit lvl20 Awesome for higher lvl Dungeon partys
Spirit Intension lvl20
Mass Restore lvl20

Here is a link of a Wizard Guide & i dont want to plagiarize someone else's. =)


It has pretty good guide from lvl 1-100, skill grinding, pvp, pve & equipment.

Wizard lvling guide after you are lvl 100(also for every classes):

lvl 100 - 120: RS, UG, LS, EoD & Fgr

lvl 120-125: same as the top 1 but no more rs cuz u are too high for it.

lvl 125 +: SoD, B2F, 4gotten temple & MF

Every classes has same skill rank bonus(yay! 810 free hp):

Want to Calculate your character status ---------> http://www.orazur.free.fr/

Wizard Upgrade Skills(6 slots):

Vitality Mastery (hp)
Reflex (def rate) or Defensive Sense (def)
Force Control (mag)
Damage Absorb
Sixth Sense
Ruling Force

The Min stat for level 170: 28 str 260int 59 dex

Heavy Armor Wizard:

more str for more hp and def

Equipment shall be mostly magic amp or dmg wont be so that high.

Pro: Higher Hp. Higher Def. Magic amp Armor Is cheap. and its fun to Surprise ppl in a duel ^^

Con: i think your chances of missing are a lil higher due to the lower Dex. and your Def Rate is lower.

If u are heavy wizard, u shall have these upgrade skills

Vitality Mastery lvl10
Damage Absorb lvl3
Ruling Force lvl3
Eyes Of Mind lvl3
Sixth Sense lvl3
Fore Control lvl8


|<<<< PVP/PVE INFORMATION <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

-o<< -- Introduction -- >>o- [2-01]

Okay, now that you're an expert, or even a little seedling checking out how you
should set up combos or what have you, here are some suggestions I have about
Tactics for keeping a stunlock or Pvping efficiently.

-- First off, in a Pvp, if the person isn't a complete idiot, they will be
comboing. This will mean Knock Downs and Stuns WILL NOT WORK. ... Assuming they
don't break their combo.
-- Don't waste your time using high casting time skills for Pvp, either. This
includes your Completer skill, Space Collapse. I use it as a finisher, since in
Pvp, mine hits from 600-700 upwards, 700-800 Upwards if it crits.
-- In PvE, you WANT To use these high casting moves. Mostly because the 4 Move
you will combo with in PvE will be EDC, Space Collapse, Arctic Field, and
Energy Field. In that Order.

-o<< -- PvP -- >>o- [2-02]

Okay, to set the Record Straight, Everyone who thinks that using your strongest
skills will ensure you a victory with a wizard is completely moronic. I'm
saying this because I still see high level wizards using their completer skill
WITHOUT it being a finisher. I don't get it. I'm sure the misconception is that
if you hit more with one skill it should do more damage per second. That is

For Pvp, My combo has two branches. They are the following:
~ [<Skill> (<Level of Skill>)] ~

1. Extreme Dual Cannon (12) -> Earth Cannon (20) -> Terra Lance (20) ->
Fire Cannon (20) -> Flame Lance (20) -> [If not Close to death] ->
Chain Explosion(20) -> Repeat, until close to death.
Finisher: Space Collapse (12).

This combo is good for normal damage. It's great if you gotta quickly get rid
of someone, like a Force Archer or a Blader.

2. Acid Trap (20) -> Extreme Dual Cannon (12) -> Earth Cannon (20) ->
Terra Lance (20) -> Fire Cannon (20) -> Flame Lance (20) ->
Repeat, until close to death.
Finisher: Space Collapse (12)

These combo's should prove helpful to beating any opponent. Use the second
to beat classes with more Hp, or just for a DoT (Damage over Time) Combo.
The first is great if you just want an overall good combo to beat people with.

other combo:
Pvp Combo: Extreme dual Cannon - earth cannon - fire cannon - lightning cannon - ice cannon - Space Collapse.

-o<< -- PvE -- >>o- [2-03]

For PvE, you should do the following combo:

Extreme Dual Cannon (12) -> Space Collapse (12) -> Arctic Field (15) ->
Energy Field (15 or 18. I use 15, though.). Repeat.

For Bosses that are unstunable or un-knockdown-able, use one of the Pvp
Combos I provided.
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Wizard guide

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